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p.l.a.y. alchemy

Calle Play's Signature Coaching Program

Give yourself permission to stop being the adult who mistakenly believes PLAY is exclusively for children, and discover the profound power that lies within your own authentic expression of joy.

PLAY Alchemy is designed to help clients believe in the power of their own magic, create lasting change in their lives, and ascend into their most authentic and joyful self.

Regardless of the path one chooses to experience PLAY Alchemy, clients can expect to be guided through a playful and interactive journey that fosters deeper, more consistent connection between the body, mind, heart, and spirit, and open pathways to overcoming patterns of the past, limiting beliefs, and ancestral karma.


This is an experiential adventure. Be ready to move your body, express your emotions, imagine vividly, let loose and be silly, try new things, explore with color, write new stories, find new solutions, and trust your instincts … you know, PLAY!

option 01


A 3-month virtual transformative group coaching program to help trailblazers and soul-led leaders access the quantum field and embody the confidence to express themselves authentically.

Why you'll love it:

  • Learn to activate the electric body and attract what you desire.
  • Rewire the subconscious to support full embodiment of your new reality.
  • Embody higher levels of self-love, inner power, and JOY!

option 02


A 4-month hybrid program (virtual + in-person) to help seers, soul-led leaders, and trailblazers prepare themselves for the next stage in their journey, and deep dive into playful co-creation with Divine Energy.

Why you'll love it:

  • Embody the next level of your higher purpose with joy.
  • 15 weeks of private 1:1 virtual coaching
  • 1 week curated bespoke in-person re-birthing ceremony in Mexico.

option 03


An in-person intensive retreat designed to help trailblazers and soul-led leaders realign with their joy, and create a deeper, more consistent connection between the body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Why you'll love it:

  • Experience your transformation in the middle of paradise.
  • Release limiting beliefs and habits that hinder growth.
  • Expand your consciousness in community.


Calle Play products and services are built upon our Everything Is Havefunable theory.
The theory of Everything Is Havefunable is based on the idea that all humans are able to figure-out anything, AND, all things in need of being figured-out have the potential to be enjoyed, even if they are challenging.

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Playfully Inspirational Products

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Our products are designed with a playful touch to help you grow while having fun in the process. We are extremely proud to design products and services that explicitly and intentionally bring joy
to the lives of so many people while also broadening their minds!

Introducing EveryDEI People

Calle Play’s EveryDEI People™ card game has reimagined how a deck of 54 cards can be used to spark introspective reflection and thoughtful conversation about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) related topics, visually represent those who are often under-represented, and help players recognize their unconscious biases, prejudices, & blind spots through question and affirmation prompts.