Our vision

Our Mission

A wonderful world exists behind the screen of our process.



Imagine walking down the street on a hot summer day and hearing outbursts of deep belly laughter and hollering coming from around the corner. As you approach the corner, you notice a bright yellow water balloon fly past your path and explode against a tree lining the street. Assuming what you hear in the approaching distance is a group of children at play, you turn the corner and witness a symphony of soaking wet adults trying to tag other adults with water balloons.

In the midst of all the smiles and cheer, you see that these people are clearly having fun. The world in which a scenario like this is considered normal, is the world we’re in the process of building.

Our MIssion

We’re on a mission to reintegrate play into the lives of adults, unlock human potential through finding fun at all stages of life, and change the way society views and values play for adults.


Everything Is Havefunable.


Create multiple streams of happiness.


PLAY, to win.

Our Founder

Meet, Majida!

Why she started playing and hasn’t stopped since!

ABout Us

This is how we roll!

We believe that approaching all aspects of life with a bit of playfulness.

Playfully Inspired products

the Calle Play Shop!

Our products are designed with a playful touch to help you grow while having fun in the process. We are extremely proud to design products and services that explicitly and intentionally bring joy to the lives of so many people while also broadening their minds!