At Calle Play, we believe Everything Is Havefunable.  With this quiz, we're excited to help our tribe begin to understand the benefits of prioritizing play in adult life - in a way that is specific to each personality profile.

Are you a Silly Rabbit? Fireball? Adventurer? Champ? Chief? Collector? Alchemist? Imagineer? Or Social Superhero?

Discover your unique Play Personality and receive a FREE, personalized “Havefunable Handbook” that will outline your personality profile in detail, help you understand your playful side, and realize how play can benefit your life!

Consider the following scenarios and choose the answers that best align with what your most joyous, free, and fulfilled self would pick, not what the most responsible, and stereotypically "adult" version of you feels like they should select.

 Remember, have FUN with this!